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This paper reports a 45nm spin-transfer-torque (STT) MRAM embedded into a standard CMOS logic platform that employs low-power (LP) transistors and Cu/low-k BEOL. We believe that this is the first-ever demonstration of embedded STT MRAM that is fully compatible with the 45nm logic technology. To ensure the switching margin, a novel " reverse-connection "(More)
We retrospectively analyzed the clinical results of treatment of impacted or undisplaced femoral neck fractures (Garden types 1 and 2) by osteosynthesis in elderly patients >70-year old. We retrospectively reviewed the radiological results of 52 patients who were followed up for at least 6 months from April 2002 to December 2008. The average age of the(More)
An advanced high-level approach for programming of real-time distributed computing applications, the TMO (Time-triggered Message-triggered Object) programming and specification scheme, has been enabled without creating any new language or compiler. Instead, a middleware system named the TMO Support Middleware (TMOSM) and an API that wraps around the(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel and efficient genetic algorithm to the optimal sensor placement of nodes for a wireless sensor network designed to monitor enemy vehicles in a hostile region. A notable feature of our genetic algorithm is the combination of mutation derived from physics and crossover in which heterogeneity between genes is removed by(More)
Understanding the thermal budget of perpendicular materials is crucial for the potential application perpendicular magnetic tunnel junctions. In this paper, we study the effects of high-temperature rapid thermal annealing on the structural and magnetic properties of ultra-thin Co/Pd multilayers deposited at room temperature. It is shown that perpendicular(More)
The existing SAR (security aware routing) protocol is an ad hoc network protocol that finds a secure path using the security level of mobile nodes. However, the SAR protocol sometimes transfers data through inefficient transmission paths because It always tries to find secure nodes for a safe transmission. Since it is a protocol based on AODV, the new(More)
Glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) is an enzyme related to the metabolism of glutation, an antioxidant agent. Its deficiency causes hemolisis, generally well tolerated. However there are some factors including, exercise, infections and oxidants drugs that stimulate the hemolisis of the older red blood cells. We report two patients with G6PD(More)
Organic optoelectronic devices are promising for many commercial applications, if methods for fabricating them on large area low-cost substrates become available. Our project investigates the use of MEMS in the direct patterning of materials needed for such devices. In our first demonstration, we used an electrostatically actuated micromachined shutter(More)