Seok-Joon Kim

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Brief exposure of rats to high doses of natural estrogens early in life results in permanent alterations of the prostate gland, which include differentiation defects, altered gene expression, and dysplasia with aging. Whether low-dose treatments can cause similar effects in the developing prostate remains controversial. The current project was designed to(More)
Energy storage systems are increasingly gaining importance with regard to their role in achieving load levelling, especially for matching intermittent sources of renewable energy with customer demand, as well as for storing excess nuclear or thermal power during the daily cycle. Compressed air energy storage (CAES), with its high reliability, economic(More)
Chemical synaptic transmission occurs when vesicles within a presynaptic neuron fuse to the membrane and release their neurotransmitter content into the synaptic cleft, eliciting a response in the postsynaptic cell. If concentration of neurotransmitter is the same in all synaptic vesicles, the volume of the vesicle determines how much transmitter is(More)
Increased potassium conductance during hypoxia causes membrane hyperpolarization and a resultant increase in extracellular potassium concentration ([K(+)](o)). In addition, glial buffering of [K(+)](o) is the key mechanism for clearing excess K(+) and is important for neuronal function and survival. Here, we studied the effect of glial buffering of(More)
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