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This paper presents micropositioning system using feedback of multiple magnification images from CCD cameras mounted on an optical microscope. In order to guarantee of the accurate micropositioning to micro assembly system, high precise sensors are required. But many kinds of sensors, which are used in macro world, have insufficient resolution and size. The(More)
To represent complex structure, graph data is widely used in diverse applications. Among various techniques to extract meaningful information in graph data, graph clustering is an important task for the discovery of an underlying graph structure. However, the volume of graph data becomes large and increases fast recently as well as traditional clustering(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the quadriceps and hamstring muscle strength and hamstring-to-quadriceps (HQ) ratio, as well as the relationships of these parameters with dynamic balance, in patients with anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rupture. MATERIALS AND METHODS We compared 25 patients diagnosed with chronic unilateral ACL tears(More)
Posture analysis of the vehicle occupant is an essential issue for the smart airbag system. A vision-based system with stereo cameras provides diverse information such as volume of the occupant, distance from dash board to the occupant and so on. This paper describes the occupant posture classification method and its hardware implementation using two DSP(More)
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