Seok-Jae Moon

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In a ubiquitous sensor network (USN) environment, it is necessary to define and manage a single metadata between the multimedia sensor and multimedia sensor node for interoperability purposes. One method to resolve this issue is the SensorML (Sensor Model Language), which is standard language that can be applied to sensor modeling. SensorML describes the(More)
Mobile cloud is not just a traditional cloud, but a concept of virtualization that has expanded into mobile technology. It provides access to the data created and used by a user and content service by cloud platform. A feature of mobile cloud is supported that is the convenience of multimedia content sharing by mobile devices. However, there is a problem of(More)
The purpose of the following report is to introduce a model that makes it possible to efficiently search data by using keyword-based concept network for reliable access of information which is rapidly increasing in the mobile cloud. A keyword-based concept network is a method with the application of ontology. However, the proposed model is added by(More)
This paper proposes to increase the efficiency energy of nodes which rapidly drops during the transmission of the LEACH (Low Energy Adaptive Clustering Hierarchy), using the method of the dual-hop layered in the sensor field. By introducing dual-hop method in the data transmission, the proposed single-hop method for short-range transmission and multi-hop(More)
Mobile cloud storage service is used for users’ multimedia content data sharing or synchronization in effective way with several mobile devices. To save various content data in the mobile cloud storage, the matters of security should be treated in the process of data sharing to provide flexibility and expandability for solving its heterogeneousness.(More)
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