Seok Ha Hong

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OBJECTIVE To explore the effect of visual and haptic vertical stimulation on standing balance in post-stroke patients. METHODS Twenty-five post-stroke patients were recruited. We measured left/right standing pressure differences and the center of pressure (COP) parameters for each patient under three different conditions: no stimulation, visual, and(More)
Postpartum sacral fracture is relatively rare, and its diagnosis is often delayed. We herein report such a case of a 28-year-old patient who presented with an insidious-onset lower back pain, left buttock pain, and radicular symptoms mimicking lumbar radiculopathy. Laboratory tests showed a decreased 25-hydroxy vitamin D level, and the bone mineral(More)
Eye movements were measured in 15 volunteers during vestibulo-ocular reflex (VOR), cervico-ocular reflex with the head fixed from the ceiling (passive COR), during voluntary stabilization of the head in space while the trunk was moved sinusoidally (active COR) and active head movements with and without additional vestibular or cervical stimuli. The subjects(More)
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