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The construction of interaction networks between proteins is central to understanding the underlying biological processes. However, since many useful relations are excluded in databases and remain hidden in raw text, a study on automatic interaction extraction from text is important in bioinformatics field. Here, we suggest two kinds of kernel methods for(More)
As a large quantity of information is presented in XML format on the Web, there are increasing demands for XML security. Until now, research on XML security has been focused on the security of data communication using digital signatures or encryption technologies. As XML is also used for a data representation of data storage, XML security comes to involve(More)
Recently, there has been growing interest in web services composition. Web services composition gives us a possibility to fulfil the user request when no single web service can satisfy the functionality required by the user. In this paper, we propose a new system called PSR for the scalable and efficient web services composition search using a relational(More)
XML is becoming a de facto standard for online data exchange. Existing XML filtering techniques based on a publish/subscribe model are focused on the highly structured data marked up with XML tags. These techniques are efficient in filtering the documents of data-centric XML but are not effective in filtering the element contents of the document-centric(More)
In the last few years, Hadoop become a "de facto" standard to process large scale data as an open source distributed system. With combination of data mining techniques, Hadoop improve data analysis utility. That is why, there are amount of research is studied to apply data mining technique to mapreduce framework in Hadoop. However, data mining have a(More)