Seo-hyun Moon

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DNA analysis of elephant ivory of illegal trade was handled in this work. The speciation and geographical origin of nine specimens of elephant ivory were requested by the police. Without national authorization, the suspect had purchased processed ivory seals from January to May, 2011 by Internet transactions from a site in a neighboring country. The DNA of(More)
Safety of Keum-Yeon-Cho (NosmoQ), a tobacco substitute composition, was evaluated in terms of acute- and 4 weeks repeated-inhalation toxicity, mutagenicity, and immunotoxicity using Balb/c mice. The air inside the inhalation chamber was collected and analyzed by GC-MS. In acute inhalation toxicity test, male and female mice were exposed to 40 Keum-Yeon-Cho(More)
Evidences show that eukaryotic mRNAs can perform protein translation through internal ribosome entry sites (IRES). 5'-Untranslated region of the mRNA encoding apoptotic protease-activating factor 1 (Apaf-1) contains IRES, and, thus, can be translated in a cap-independent manner. Effects of changes in protein translation pattern through rapamycin(More)
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