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[Purpose] This study aimed to investigate the relationships among trunk impairment, functional performance, and muscle activity during forward reaching tasks in patients with chronic stroke. [Subjects and Methods] Twenty-three chronic stroke patients participated in this study. Trunk impairment and functional performance were evaluated using the Trunk(More)
[Purpose] This study aimed to examine the relationship between maximal lateral reaching distance on the affected side and weight shifting using the Multi-directional Reach Test in persons with stoke. [Subjects] Fifty-one chronic stroke participants were recruited from two rehabilitation hospitals. This study administered the Berg Balance Scale, Timed(More)
[Purpose] The objective of this study was to perform forward bending of the trunk and reaching training in chronic stroke patients and to investigate subsequent changes in trunk control, dynamic balance, and gait. [Subject] Twenty-three chronic stroke patients were randomly divided into two groups, with 10 patients in the forward bending of the trunk and(More)
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