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AUSUM: approach for unsupervised bug report summarization
In most software projects, resolved bugs are archived for future reference. These bug reports contain valuable information on the reported problem, investigation and resolution. When bug triaging,Expand
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Exploring activeness of users in QA forums
Success of a Q&A forum depends on volume of content (questions and answers) and quality of content (are the questions asked relevant, answers provided correct etc). Community participation isExpand
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Efficient Testing of Service-Oriented Applications Using Semantic Service Stubs
Service-oriented applications can be expensive to test because services are hosted remotely, are potentially shared among many users, and may have costs associated with their invocation. In thisExpand
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Regression testing in the presence of non-code changes
Regression testing is an important activity performed to validate modified software, and one of its key tasks is regression test selection (RTS) -- selecting a subset of existing test cases to run onExpand
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Entering the circle of trust: developer initiation as committers in open-source projects
The success of an open-source project depends to a large degree on the proactive and constructive participation by the developer community. An important role that developers play in a project is thatExpand
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DeepTriage: Exploring the Effectiveness of Deep Learning for Bug Triaging
For a given software bug report, identifying an appropriate developer who could potentially fix the bug is the primary task of bug triaging. Automatic bug triaging is formulated as a classificationExpand
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A study of external community contribution to open-source projects on GitHub
Open-source software projects are primarily driven by community contribution. However, commit access to such projects' software repositories is often strictly controlled. These projects prefer toExpand
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Using User Interface Design to Enhance Service Identification
User interface (UI) design is an integral part of the software design process. The UI design not only outlines the look and feel of the system, but also helps in flushing out the requirements - byExpand
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Panning requirement nuggets in stream of software maintenance tickets
There is an increasing trend to outsource maintenance of large applications and application portfolios of a business to third parties, specialising in application maintenance, who are incented toExpand
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Detecting and Mitigating Secret-Key Leaks in Source Code Repositories
Several news articles in the past year highlighted incidents in which malicious users stole API keys embedded in files hosted on public source code repositories such as GitHub and Bit Bucket in orderExpand
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