Senthil Kumar Chandran

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Together with the increasing influence of software systems in all aspects of everyday life there is also a need to focus on their non-functional characteristics. Reliability is one important software quality characteristic, which is defined as the continuity of correct service. Reasoning and modelling are necessary in order to achieve desired levels of(More)
The safety critical systems used in avionics, nuclear power plants and emergency medical equipments have to meet stringent reliability and temporal demands. Such demands are met with fault tolerant mechanisms, such as hardware and software redundancy. In this paper, we consider a safety critical application, the dual redundant onboard computer (OBC) system(More)
After several years of research, even today estimation of software reliability is extremely challenging. The non-deterministic nature of the factors that contribute to the reliability estimation has led to the development of numerous statistical models for this purpose. One of the important factors that contribute to software reliability is testing and the(More)
The computing resources used in safety-critical systems have stringent timing requirements due to mission critical nature of their tasks. A fault in these systems could lead to mission failure and catastrophic consequences. To avoid this various redundancy schemes are built in to mission critical applications to ensure the overall success of the system. The(More)
Software Engineering is associated with development of software products using well defined principles, techniques and processes. The result of Software Engineering is an effective and reliable product. The software products have chances to fail during implementation and design phases. The design time testing and reliability measurement can enhance the(More)
The semiorganic single crystals of l-cystine hydrochloride have been grown by slow evaporation solution growth technique at 40°C. The grown crystals were subjected to single crystal XRD, FTIR, optical absorbance, laser damage threshold, photoluminescence, photoconductivity and dielectric studies. Single crystal XRD studies reveal that the crystal belongs to(More)
The increasing usage of computer based systems for safety critical operations in applications such as nuclear, space, and automotive systems demands a systematic way of estimating software reliability. The high reliability requirements of safety critical software systems make this task imperative as well. Due to the specifics of software systems and the(More)
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