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In this paper, we consider transmit design in multiple-input single-output (MISO) multi-group multicast (MM) cognitive radio (CR) systems. Previously, semidefinite relaxation (SDR)-based transmit beamforming has been very successful in transmit design. However, recent research shows that further performance gain is possible by suitably modifying the(More)
The successful deployment and operation of location–aware networks, which have recently found many applications, depends crucially on the accurate localization of the nodes. Currently, a powerful approach to localization is that of convex relaxation. In a typical application of this approach, the localization problem is first formulated as a(More)
Approaches to object localization based on codebooks do not exploit the dependencies between appearance and geometric information present in training data. This work addresses the problem of computing a codebook tailored to the task of localization by applying regularization based on geometric information. We present a novel method, the Regularized Combined(More)
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