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Continuous primary nursing care increases satisfaction with nursing care and reduces postpartum problems for hospitalized pregnant women
Practical continuous primary nursing care was more effective than practicing traditional task-centered nursing care for hospitalized pregnant women in increasing satisfaction with nursing care, enhancing breastfeeding, and reducing early postpartum problems. Expand
Facial EMG as an indicator of palatability in humans
Facial EMG activity can be used as an indicator of palatability in humans and showed that the negative hedonic sensations were associated with higher EMGActivity in the levator labii muscle region, and that the positive hedonics sensations wereassociated with lower EMG Activity in the same muscle region. Expand
Cognitive reappraisal of facial expressions: Electrophysiological evidence of social anxiety
Cognitive reappraisal can be an effective emotion regulation strategy for socially anxious people, and a different neural mechanism may be involved for people who are not socially anxious. Expand
Correlation of Phasic and Tonic Skin-Conductance Responses with Severity of Motion Sickness Induced by Viewing an Optokinetic Rotating Drum
The phasic skin-conductance responses recorded at the forehead site were the most sensitive physiological correlates of motion sickness induced by viewing an optokinetic rotating drum. Expand
Effects of Viewing Pleasant and Unpleasant Photographs on Facial EMG Asymmetry
  • R. Zhou, Senqi Hu
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Perceptual and motor skills
  • 1 December 2004
It was concluded that the intensity of facial EMG activity on the left side of the face was stronger than the right side ofThe face during the process of emotional expression. Expand
Effects of Cold Stress on Gastric Myoelectric Activity
Cold stress, a painful stimulus, but one not usually accompanied by nausea, attenuates the amplitude of normal 3 cpm gastric myoelectric activity in fed subjects, but does not provoke tachyarrhythmia. Expand
Imagined Events with Specific Emotional Valence Produce Specific Patterns of Facial EMG Activity
It was concluded that the negative self-generated emotions were associated with increased EMG activity of corrugator muscles and positive self-acting emotions with increased EMT activity of zygomatic muscles. Expand
Effects of Imagining Eating Favorable and Unfavorable Foods on Gastric Motility Indexed by Electrogastrographic (EGG) Activities
It appears that imagining eating unfavorable food significantly inhibited gastric motility as indexed by decreased power of EGG activities at 3 cpm. Expand
Positive Thinking Reduces Heart Rate and Fear Responses to Speech-Phobic Imagery
Positive thinking just before visualization of the phobic images reduced both subjective anxiety about speech and cardiovascular responses. Expand
Sex Differences Found in Facial EMG Activity Provoked by Viewing Pleasant and Unpleasant Photographs
Analysis showed that compared to men, women reported relatively higher feelings of pleasantness and generated significantly higher EMG ratios at the zygomatic muscle region while viewing Pleasant photographs and women reported significantly less feelings ofpleasantness and generate significantly lower EMG ratio at the corrugator muscle region While viewing Unpleasant photographs. Expand