Senlin Guan

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In this paper, we propose a hybrid master/slave approach to optimization problems on the basis of estimation of distribution algorithms (EDAs) and genetic algorithms (GAs). The master process estimates the probability distribution of the search space on the basis of the non-dependency model at each iteration and sends probability vectors to the slaves. The(More)
This paper proposes a two-phase metaheuristic approach to planning daily farm work for agriculture production corporations. The two-phase metaheuristic contains the optimization of resources assignment and searching schedule based on Genetic Algorithm and hybrid Petri nets model. In the experiment, the effect on optimizing the resource assignment and(More)
Scheduling problems for general cases are characterized as NP hard, and the computation time required to obtain the optimal schedule will grow exponentially with the problem size. The scheduling problems that consider the limited or shared resources, alterable constraints or environmental changes become very complex in both formulation and solution. Since(More)
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