Senjuti Basu Roy

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We study the problem of group recommendation. Recommendation is an important information exploration paradigm that retrieves interesting items for users based on their profiles and past activities. Single user recommendation has received significant attention in the past due to its extensive use in Amazon and Netflix. How to recommend to a group of users(More)
In this paper, we propose minimum-effort driven navigational techniques for enterprise database systems based on the faceted search paradigm. Our proposed techniques dynamically suggest facets for drilling down into the database such that the cost of navigation is minimized. At every step, the system asks the user a question or a set of questions on(More)
This paper proposes Facetedpedia, a faceted retrieval system for information discovery and exploration in Wikipedia. Given the set of Wikipedia articles resulting from a keyword query, Facetedpedia generates a faceted interface for navigating the result articles. Compared with other faceted retrieval systems, Facetedpedia is fully automatic and dynamic in(More)
Users often search spatial databases like yellow page data using keywords to find businesses near their current location. Typing the entire query is cumbersome and prone to errors, especially from mobile phones. We address this problem by introducing type-ahead search functionality on spatial databases. Like keyword search on spatial data, type-ahead search(More)
Planning an itinerary when traveling to a city involves substantial effort in choosing Points-of-Interest (POIs), deciding in which order to visit them, and accounting for the time it takes to visit each POI and transit between them. Several online services address different aspects of itinerary planning but none of them provides an interactive interface(More)
Nowadays, online shopping has become a daily activity. Web users purchase a variety of items ranging from books to electronics. The large supply of online products calls for sophisticated techniques to help users explore available items. We propose to build <i>composite items</i> which associate a <i>central item</i> with <i>a set of packages</i>, formed by(More)
Developing holistic predictive modeling solutions for risk prediction is extremely challenging in healthcare informatics. Risk prediction involves integration of clinical factors with socio-demographic factors, health conditions, disease parameters, hospital care quality parameters, and a variety of variables specific to each health care provider making the(More)
In this work, we initiate the investigation of optimization opportunities in collaborative crowdsourcing. Many popular applications, such as collaborative document editing, sentence translation, or citizen science resort to this special form of human-based computing, where, crowd workers with appropriate skills and expertise are required to form groups to(More)
Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a serious chronic condition often leading to 50% mortality within 5 years. Improper treatment and post-discharge care of CHF patients leads to repeat frequent hospitalizations (i.e., readmissions). Accurately predicting patient's risk-of-readmission enables care-providers to plan resources, perform factor analysis, and(More)
The role of prostaglandins in Calotropis procera latex induced inflammation and hyperalgesia has been well established. The acute inflammation induced by the dried latex (DL) of this plant could be effectively ameliorated by standard anti-inflammatory drugs. In present study we have evaluated the efficacy of rofecoxib, a COX-2 inhibitor in monoarthritis(More)