Senjie Zhang

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The concept of C-RAN is attractive for both academic and industry to bring innovative ideas for advanced wireless processing and reduce cost directly in mobile infrastructure. C-RAN could be one of direction of future mobile infrastructure, however, to achieve the goal of C-RAN is quite challenging, since it's domain specific cloud computing technology, in(More)
In this paper, we consider a multiuser relay network under amplify and forward (AF) scheme, where each mobile station (MS) is supported by a unique relay station (RS). While the RSs forwards the scaled signal to the MSs, the interference caused by the multiuser nature of the system propagates via the RSs, which significantly degrades the performance gain of(More)
To deal with the multi-path delay spread in non- line-of-sight (NLOS) environments, single-carrier frequency- domain equalization (SC-FDE), a.k.a., single-carrier block transmission (SCBT), is thought to be an effective alternative of orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM). On the other hand, the low-density parity-check (LDPC) coding is(More)
This paper considers the multi-user MIMO collaborative spatial multiplexing uplink scheduling scheme in multi-cell time-division duplexing system. An transmitter centric (TC) beamforming and scheduling scheme has been proposed to reduce the inter-cell interference opportunistically. Most previous works in the area of mimo beamforming and scheduling are(More)
We propose a novel fifth-generation (5G) rapid prototyping system architecture by combining FPGA-privileged modules from a software defined radio (or FPGA-coprocessor) and high-level programming language for advanced algorithms from multi-core general purpose processors. The proposed system architecture exhibits excellent flexibility and scalability in the(More)
In 802.16e OFDMA systems, noise and co-channel interference on pilots degrade the accuracy of channel state information (CSI) obtained from channel estimation (CE) and system performance is deteriorated. To evaluate the system performance loss due to imperfect CSI, CE model should be used to incorporate noise and interference's impact on CSI into system(More)
By reusing the spectrum of a cellular network, device-to-device (D2D) communications is known to greatly improve the spectral efficiency bypassing the base station (BS) of the cellular network. Antenna selection is the most cost efficient scheme for interference management, which is crucial to D2D systems. This paper investigates the achievable rate(More)
Vehicle-based pedestrian detection system receives more and more attentions in road safety applications of the modern intelligent transportation system. However, the existed detection algorithms are too computing extensive for single core vehicle-based processors. As the promising multi-core architecture provides both energy efficient and powerful computing(More)
The exceeding performance of Close-Loop MIMO scheme over Open-Loop one is attractive. However, the large size of Channel State Information (CSI) feedback to transmitter is its major drawback. To reduce this cost, many works have been done on CSI feedback design in frequency domain for MIMO-OFDM systems. We propose a scheme which represents the CSI in(More)
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