Seniz Ozalp-Yaman

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The synthesis and biological activity of three heteronuclear platinum-copper complexes based on 3-Clip-Phen are reported. These rigid complexes have been designed to alter the intrinsic mechanism of action of both the platinum moiety and the Cu(3-Clip-Phen) unit. The platinum centers of two of these complexes are coordinated to a 3-Clip-Phen moiety, an(More)
Nickel(II) complexes of a series of N,N'-polymethylenebis(3,5-Bu(2)(t)-salicylaldimine) ligands containing 2,4-di-Bu(2)(t)-phenol arms, NiL(x), were synthesized and their spectroscopic and redox properties were examined. The UV-vis, (1)H NMR spectroscopic and magnetic results indicate that complexes NiL(1)-NiL(4) unlike NiL(5) and NiL(6) have a(More)
The zinc(II) complexes reported here have been synthesised from the ligand 4-methyl-2-N-(2-pyridylmethyl)aminophenol (Hpyramol) with chloride or acetate counterions. All the five complexes have been structurally characterised, and the crystal structures reveal that the ligand Hpyramol gradually undergoes an oxidative dehydrogenation to form the ligand(More)
A copper(II) neocuproine system has been developed for the efficient and very selective 1,6-addition of a nucleophile to the para-methyl group of 2,4,6-trimethylphenol. Crystallographic and spectroscopic data point towards the involvement of a micro-methoxo-micro-phenoxo-bridged copper species which appears to generate a highly reactive quinone methide(More)
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