Senih Gurses

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The head-neck system has multiple degrees of freedom in both its control and response characteristics, but is often modeled as a single joint mechanical system. In this study, we have attempted to quantify the perturbation parameters that would elicit nonlinear responses in a single degree-of-freedom neuromechanical system at small amplitudes and velocities(More)
Human postural sway during quiet standing demonstrates a complex structured dynamics, which has been studied by applying numerous methods, such as linear system identification methods, stochastic analysis, and nonlinear system dynamics tools. Although each of the methods applied revealed some particular features of the sway data none of them have succeeded(More)
To examine the evolution of inter-segmental coordination over time, a previously developed multi-variate model of postural coordination during quiet stance (Kuo et al. 1998) has been extended. In the original model, postural coordination was treated as an eigenvalue-eigenvector problem between two segmental degrees of freedom represented by angular(More)
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