Seng-Yi Lin

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BACKGROUND Device-associated infection (DAI) plays an important part in nosocomial infection. Active surveillance and infection control are needed to disclose the specific situation in each hospital and to cope with this problem effectively. We examined the rates of DAI by antimicrobial-resistant pathogens, and 30-day and in-hospital mortality in the(More)
E1152 CMAJ, October 18, 2011, 183(15) © 2011 Canadian Medical Association or its licensors A33-year-old man from a rural Taiwanese village was admitted with a three-day history of fever, headache, muscle pain and skin rashes. On examination, he was febrile (39.2°C) with generalized macular patches and an eschar measuring 15 mm on the left lower quadrant of(More)
A gastroenteritis outbreak of Shigella sonnei involving 122 children occurred between April 2001 and January 2002 in I-lan, Taiwan. The resistant rates of the isolates to nalidixic acid, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, ampicillin and ceftriaxone were 98, 97.5, 32 and 27%, respectively. None of the isolates was resistant to ciprofloxacin. Prolonged bacterial(More)
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