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Cytogenetic analysis of a girl with moderate mental retardation and dysmorphic features revealed a 46,XX/47,XX,+mar karyotype. Fluorescence in situ hybridization using chromosome specific alpha satellite probes showed that the supernumerary marker originated from the X chromosome. To our knowledge, this is the first reported case of a female patient mosaic(More)
Serum IL-17 levels and IL-17 mRNA expression have been reported to be higher in psoriatic skin than normal skin. There are very limited data in the literature about difference in the levels of this cytokine in various clinical disease subtypes. We aimed to evaluate whether there is a difference in the level of this cytokine according to clinical subtypes of(More)
We describe an eleven day-old boy and his first degree double cousin who both have distal trisomy 10q syndrome. Their cytogenetic analysis using GTG-banding showed an unbalanced translocation 46, XY, -20, +der(20), t(10;20)(q22.3, p11) mat and 46, XX, -20, +der(20), t(10;20)(q22.3, p11) mat. The translocation was confirmed by FISH. We have found balanced(More)
We report a case with a new syndrome that presents with glaucoma, cryptorchidism, oculocutaneous albinism, ataxia, hypotonia, autistic behaviour besides various major and minor craniofacial dysmorphic, skeletal, and neuroimaging findings, and suggest that this case represents a new syndrome not reported previously.
Emanuel syndrome results from +der(22)t(11q23;22q11). Cleft palate, ear anomalies, heart defects, genital anomalies, hypotonia, and mental retardation are the main features of the syndrome. We report a nine-year-old boy with the t(11;22)(q23;q11) chromosome, transmitted in an unbalanced fashion from his mother, and originated in the maternal grandmother's(More)
A 25-year-old female was referred for short stature and joint deformities. Except for previous corneal transplantation, her medical history was unremarkable. Initial physical examination revealed the presence of a coarse facies, short neck, kyphosis, restricted joint movements and deformities, and cardiac murmur besides a normal intellect. Urine(More)
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