Senduran Balasubramaniam

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Normal thyroid function is essential for health, but its genetic architecture remains poorly understood. Here, for the heritable thyroid traits thyrotropin (TSH) and free thyroxine (FT4), we analyse whole-genome sequence data from the UK10K project (N=2,287). Using additional whole-genome sequence and deeply imputed data sets, we report meta-analysis(More)
The analysis of rich catalogues of genetic variation from population-based sequencing provides an opportunity to screen for functional effects. Here we report a rare variant in APOC3 (rs138326449-A, minor allele frequency ~0.25% (UK)) associated with plasma triglyceride (TG) levels (-1.43 s.d. (s.e.=0.27 per minor allele (P-value=8.0 × 10(-8))) discovered(More)
Cholesterol and lipoprotein metabolism were investigated in a group of rats fed a fish oil-supplemented diet, a rich source of n-3 fatty acids. For comparison purposes, other groups of rats were fed either safflower oil (n-6 fatty acids) or coconut oil (saturated fatty acids). Diets were isocaloric and contained identical amounts of cholesterol. Rats fed(More)
Tuberculous brain abscess is a rare manifestation of central nervous system tuberculosis. We report the case of a tuberculous temporal lobe abscess in a 14-year-old female child that mimicked an otogenic pyogenic brain abscess. The patient had no prior history of tuberculosis. She had chronic otitis media and presented with signs of raised intracranial(More)
Fractal dimension is often used as a measure of how fast length, area, or volume increases or decreases with increase or decrease in scale, or as a measure of complexity of a system. In this paper, input depends only on the Geo-referenced point data where the point event has occurred. An Extended Triangularisation Algorithm is developed to cover the area of(More)
The Internet of Things (IoT) has become an important research topic in the last decade, where things refer to interconnected machines and objects with embedded computing capabilities employed to extend the Internet to many application domains. While research and development continue for general IoT devices, there are many application domains where very(More)
Benign osteoblastoma is an uncommon primary bone tumor frequently found in the vertebral column and long tubular bones, and rarely occurring in the calvarium. A case of a massive benign osteoblastoma of the suboccipital bone and foramen magnum region in a 9-year-old boy is reported. He presented with progressively worsening nuchal pain and headaches(More)
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