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Potato tuber tissue is low in calcium as compared to leaves and stems. Several recent studies have provided evidence linking tuber quality with tuber tissue Ca concentration. The purpose of the present study was to determine the influence of supplemental Ca and N fertilization on tuber Ca concentration and internal brown spot of potato. Three soluble(More)
The important roles of calcium on plant growth and development including cell division and cell elongation is well documented. The purpose of the present study was to determine the impact of root zone calcium on the growth and health of potato apical meristem and on the maintenance of apical dominance. For this purpose, single-node potato cuttings (Solanum(More)
Recent studies, including those from our laboratory, have provided evidence that by improving tuber Ca level we can reduce tuber internal defects and improve its storability. The purpose of the present study was to determine the influence of supplemental Ca fertilization on tuber size and tuber number. For this purpose, plantlets of Solanum tuberosum cv(More)
Highly colored cranberries are desired for both fresh and juice markets. Berries accumulate more color when allowed to stay on the vines longer. However, early fall frosts often force growers to harvest before the fruit has reached its optimal color. This is especially true for the berries under the canopy. No product is currently available for grower to(More)
The vast majority of the tomato crop is harvested at mature green stage and ripened off of the plant for fresh market consumption. The other large amount of crop is harvested when the fruit has reached to fully mature red stage which is called “vine-ripened”. Here we attempt to answer and clarify if there is any difference between the antioxidant capacity(More)
Functional food security and safety become great importance due to climate change growth of World population, increase of metabolic disease and high median age of the population [1]. Diet program has great influence on disease treatment and protection when it comes to plan complementary strategy to battle metabolic diseases and age related disorders.(More)
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