Senay Demirel

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This paper describes properties and performance comparison of Electrical Power subsystem (EPS) main parameters which are Li-ion, NiH<sub>2</sub> and NiCd batteries, SiO<sub>2</sub>, GaAs Solar Cells and 100v, 50 v main bus voltage. The aim of the present work is to study general design approach of TUSAT (Turkish Communication Satellite) EPS system. There(More)
Our global population of more than 6 billion humans becomes ever more closely linked. Resources are limited and pollution spreads. As such, global population growth affects everyone. As the global population continues to swell, it will become increasingly hard to accommodate the basic food and living needs of the human population. Urbanization,(More)
The enormous change in internet economy, also changes the dynamics of some software engineering rules. Agile software development process is an advanced system to realize key values of the projects fast and effective. Agile software development processes aim to accomplish the life-cycle of software projects efficiently. Netas Telecommunication Corporation(More)
Mr. Demirel says that at the root of all problems faced by society is population growth. He points out that with an annual population growth of about 2.5%, Turkey's standard of living will be low even if it is possible to feed the growing population, and he says Turkey's first goal should be to create public awareness of individual responsibilities. In(More)
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