Senaka Amarakeerthi

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Authentication is a crucial consideration when securing data or any kind of information system. Though existing approaches for authentication are user-friendly, they have vulnerabilities such as the possibility & criminally threatening a user. We propose a novel approach which uses Electroencephalogram (EEG) brain signals for an authentication process.(More)
Human interaction with mobile devices is currently a very active research area. Speech which is enriched with emotions is one of the major ways of exchanging ideas, especially via telephony. By analyzing voice stream using a program created in matlab, different emotions of human voice can be recognized. Using a simple Java client the recognized emotions are(More)
Speech is one of the most important signals that can be used to detect human emotions. Speech is modulated by different emotions by varying frequencyand energy-related acoustic parameters such as pitch, energy, and formants. In this paper, we describe research on analyzing interand intra-subband energy variations to differentiate five emotions. The emotions(More)
Collaborative Virtual Environments (CVEs) have become increasingly popular in the past two decades. MostCVEs use avatar systems to represent each user logged into aCVE session. Some avatar systems are capable of expressing emotions with postures, gestures, and facial expressions. Inprevious studies, various approaches have been explored to convey emotional(More)
Brain Computer Interfaces (BCIs) are direct interfaces for communication between the brain and computer. Even Related Potentials (ERPs) are a very important sub area of Brain Computer Interfaces which illustrate electrical potentials associated with auditory, sensory, motor or cognitive events. This is an emerging area that can be used to provide better(More)
Human interaction with social networking services (SNS) is currently a very active research area. In recent years, microblogs and social networking sites have become increasingly popular among online communities. Examples of such sites are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, My Space, Hi5, and WAYN. Micro log posts, such as tweets, allow users to broadcast their(More)
A Squid proxy sever is a popular web content caching service trusted by many network administrators. In this paper, we describe a method of managing the bandwidth of Squid proxy cache through the World Wide Web, thus allowing Squid administrators and authorized users to allocate a percentage of bandwidth to a particular computer or group of computers(More)
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