Senajith B. Rekawa

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To extend soft x-ray microscopy to a resolution of order 10 nm or better, we developed a new nanofabrication process for Fresnel zone plate lenses. The new process, based on the double patterning technique, has enabled us to fabricate high quality gold zone plates with 12 nm outer zones. Testing of the zone plate with the full-field transmission x-ray(More)
We report, for the first time to our knowledge, experimental demonstration of wave-front analysis via the Hartmann technique in the extreme ultraviolet range. The reference wave front needed to calibrate the sensor was generated by spatially filtering a focused undulator beam with 1.7- and 0.6-microm-diameter pinholes. To fully characterize the sensor,(More)
Scanning illumination systems provide for a powerful and flexible means for controlling illumination coherence properties. Here we present a scanning Fourier synthesis illuminator that enables microfield extreme ultraviolet lithography to be performed on an intrinsically coherent synchrotron undulator beamline. The effectiveness of the system is(More)
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