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We analysed the effects of high glucose in rat1 cells overexpressing insulin receptor. High (25 mM) glucose inhibited insulin-stimulated tyrosine kinase activity completely at insulin concentrations of 1 and 5 ng/ml. Decapeptides modelled on insulin receptor sequences surrounding serines 1035 and 1270 were found to inhibit protein kinase C activity in vitro(More)
This study aims at evaluation of crashworthiness of rhombus concept car by comparing the response of related parameters in different collision conditions. For this objective the numerical method was used to simulate the dynamic responses of the rhombus concept car in frontal and small overlap collisions. The dynamic response parameters was analyzed and(More)
Seatbelt contact friction coefficient may have some influence on chest injury prediction because it can affect the position of the seatbelt during the impact. The objective was to study the influence of the seatbelt contact friction coefficient on predicted rib fracture outcome in frontal impact. Four simulations of frontal impact sled tests in the same(More)
OBJECTIVE To introduce the surgical method and effectiveness of repairing skin and soft tissue defect in the palm or dorsum of the hand and forearm with epigastric bilobed flap. METHODS Between October 2010 and December 2013, 4 male patients with skin and soft tissue defect in the palm or dorsum of the hand and forearm were treated, aged from 36 to 62(More)
OBJECTIVE Non-fatal tibia and ankle injuries without proper protection from the restraint system has gotten wide attention from researchers. This study aimed to investigate occupant tibia and ankle injuries under realistic frontal impact environment that is rarely considered in previous experimental and simulant studies. METHODS An integrated(More)
Bamboo-shaped rainwater harvesting ditch (BRHD) is a new water harvesting and application technology being promoted in the hilly loess region of North Shannxi Province. This paper measured the soil moisture condition and water storage capacity of BRHDs filled with straw, branch or gravel through field and simulated rainfall experiments to evaluate the water(More)
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