Sen-Ren Jan

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—With the population of network usage, it is possible to connect home appliances with each other. The basic demand is to connect home appliances easily with less user intervening and home network is an complex environment which comprises several network architecture including ethernet, wireless network, or power-line etc.. Therefore, integrating(More)
—Because of the growth of network and device capability, to realize interactive 3D virtual environment over Internet have become a popular and challenging research area. In recent development on practical 3D virtual environment, most of them focus on client-server architecture that deploys a central server or proxy to process 3D content rendering, storage,(More)
In this paper, we make a comparative study on morphological skeletonization (MSK) and fuzzy medial axis transformation (FMAT). Methods have been proposed to construct convex FMAT from the morphological skeleton points and to translate FMAT to MSK, respectively. For the case of translating MSK to convex FMAT, the experimental results reveal that the(More)
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