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Reversible data hiding method enables to recover the cover image after the secret data were extracted. Recently, a reversible data hiding method based on image interpolation has been proposed. It can contain high capacity and keep good visual quality. In this study, an improved method has proposed to refine the interpolation image based method. Experimental(More)
—With the population of network usage, it is possible to connect home appliances with each other. The basic demand is to connect home appliances easily with less user intervening and home network is an complex environment which comprises several network architecture including ethernet, wireless network, or power-line etc.. Therefore, integrating(More)
In past years, Cloud computing is gained more attention in industry and academic area. The advance technologies are needed to match the demand of the development of cloud computing. MapReduce is one of the enabling technology. MapReduce is a programming model supporting parallel computation especially for data-intensive cloud computing applications.(More)
Because of the growth of network and device capability, to realize the 3D content on general computation devices have become a popular and challenging research area as well as video delivery over internet in the past years. But in order to transmit 3D content over Internet, there still exist some issues that need to be solved in the following. (1) In recent(More)
In recent year, ubiquitous computing has gained more attention in academic area. With ubiquitous computing, users can process or get information anytime and anywhere. Fortunately, with the advent of peer-to-peer overlay network, the ubiquitous environment can become scalable with using the peer-to-peer overlay network as the communication middleware.(More)
With the population of networking infrastructure in home area, we can realize Smart Home nowadays. Automation, zero-configuration and easy to use are the major requirements of Smart Home. In this paper, we propose a design of an integrated framework to realize Ubiquitous Smart home control. In our proposed architecture, home users indicate home device, for(More)
—Because of the growth of network and device capability, to realize interactive 3D virtual environment over Internet have become a popular and challenging research area. In recent development on practical 3D virtual environment, most of them focus on client-server architecture that deploys a central server or proxy to process 3D content rendering, storage,(More)
Recently, Fang and Lin proposed a multiple images sharing system with a universal share. This universal share can be used for a company's organizer to attend the recovery meeting of any shared images. Since the organizer only needs to keep the unique share, it reduces the difficulties of the share management of the organizer. However, the universal share is(More)