Sen Qin

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The high-frequency properties of the FeCo-SiO2 monolayer nanogranular films and FeCo/(FeCo)0.63(SiO2)0.37 multilayer nanogranular films which were elaborated on flexible substrates by magnetron sputtering system were studied. Compared to the monolayer films with the same FeCo content, the multilayer structures comprised of FeCo/(FeCo)0.63(SiO2)0.37 exhibit(More)
Value-at-risk (VaR) and conditional value-at-risk (CVaR) have become two very popular measures of market risk during the last decade. Log-optimal portfolio problem with risk control of VaR and CVaR is put forward firstly. Then, we propose the portfolio models with VaR and CVaR and prove the existence and uniqueness of the optimal solutions of these two(More)
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