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As an emerging technology, cloud computing has attracted more attention. More and more enterprises or government agencies started to explore cloud computing. However, with the extensive use of cloud computing, security issues came out on a growing scale. It is necessary to solve these security issues to promote the wider applications of cloud computing.(More)
In order to improve prediction accuracy of traffic accidents, an optimization GM (1, 1) power model is put forward based on the characteristics of S-type and a single traffic accident peak. Specifically, an intelligent optimization method is proposed to optimist the parameter α using PSO algorithm and the optimization formula of background value in(More)
Multi-index evaluation is a main topic in the evaluation domain, especially the selection and the analysis between the indexes of multi-class problem and multi-index evaluation, which is important between theoretical and practical research. Financial Firstly, according to the individuals and the targets in the evaluation, a appropriate evaluation index(More)
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