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Internal gravity waves, the subsurface analogue of the familiar surface gravity waves that break on beaches, are ubiquitous in the ocean. Because of their strong vertical and horizontal currents, and the turbulent mixing caused by their breaking, they affect a panoply of ocean processes, such as the supply of nutrients for photosynthesis, sediment and(More)
In this paper, we quantify the dynamical causes and uncertainties of striking differences in acoustic transmission data collected on the shelf and shelfbreak in the northeastern Taiwan region within the context of the 2008 Quantifying, Predicting, and Exploiting Uncertainty (QPE 2008) pilot experiment. To do so, we employ our coupled oceanographic (4-D) and(More)
Matthew h. Alford, thomas Peacock, Jennifer A. MacKinnon, Jonathan D. nash, Maarten C. Buijsman, Luca R. Centurioni, Shenn-Yu Chao, Ming-huei Chang, David M. Farmer, oliver B. Fringer, Ke-hsien Fu, Patrick C. Gallacher, hans C. Graber, Karl R. helfrich, Steven M. Jachec, Christopher R. Jackson, Jody M. Klymak, Dong S. Ko, Sen Jan, t. M. Shaun Johnston,(More)
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