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Somatic chromosomes of a wild relative of sugarcane (Saccharum spontaneum L.) anther culture-derived clone (AP 85-361, 2n=32) were identified and characterized by computer-aided imaging technology and molecular cytological methods. The presence of four satellite chromosomes and four nearly identical chromosome sets suggests that the clone is a tetrahaploid(More)
To evaluate the expression of cyclin G2 mRNA in patients with acute leukaemia (AL) and its clinical value, the expression of cyclin G2, G1 and P53 mRNA in the bone marrow from 74 AL patients and 10 normal individuals as control were detected with reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The positive segment of cyclin G2 was analyzed by DNA(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the inhibition effect of cyclin G(1) antisense oligodeoxynucleotides (ASON) on the growth of HL-60 cells in nude mice. METHODS (1) Nude mice were divided into control group, sense oligodeoxynucleotides (SON) group and ASON group. After (60)Co radiation, with HL-60 cells SON group and ASON group were subcutaneously innoculated; (2) The(More)
To investigate the effect of cyclin G1 antisense oligodeoxynucleotide (ASON) with liposomal transfection on mediating proliferation of HL-60 cell, the cyclin G1 ASON with liposomal transfection was used in vitro in co-culture with HL-60 cell, the protein and mRNA expression levels of cyclin G1 were measured by immunocytochemistry assay and RT-PCR. The cell(More)
Interspecific hybrid plants between Melilotus altissima (yellow flowers) and either M. alba (white flowers) or M. taurica (white flowers) and between M. suaveolens (yellow flowers) and M. wolgica (white flowers) which were inviable because of heavy chlorosis, were grown successfully by in vitro culture and reached the flowering stage. Pollen fertility of(More)
This study was purposed to investigate the relationship of expressions of gluthatione-S-transferase-pi (GST-pi), multidrug resistance protein-1 (MRP-1), lung resistance protein (LRP) with multidrug resistance of acute leukemia (AL), the correlation between 3 kinds protein expressions and the correlation of their protein expression with clinical features of(More)
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