Sen Guo

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Interferon regulatory factor 8 (IRF8), a transcriptional regulator in the IRF family, has been implicated in innate immunity, immune cell differentiation and tumour cell apoptosis. In the present study, we found that IRF8 is constitutively expressed in the brain and suppressed after cerebral ischaemia in a time-dependent manner. IRF8 knockout (IRF8-KO)(More)
The accuracy of annual electric load forecasting plays an important role in the economic and social benefits of electric power systems. The least squares support vector machine (LSSVM) has been proven to offer strong potential in forecasting issues, particularly by employing an appropriate meta-heuristic algorithm to determine the values of its two(More)
The failure of past efforts to develop effective stroke treatments is at least partially because these treatments often interfered with essential physiological functions, even though they are targeted toward pathophysiological events, such as inflammation, excitotoxicity, and oxidative stress. Thus, the direct targeting of endogenous neuroprotective or(More)
Analysis of urban saturated power loads is helpful to coordinate urban power grid construction and economic social development. There are two different kinds of forecasting models: the logistic curve model focuses on the growth law of the data itself, while the multi-dimensional forecasting model considers several influencing factors as the input variables.(More)
Protein-protein interactions (PPIs) are crucial for almost all cellular processes, including metabolic cycles, DNA transcription and replication, and signaling cascades. Unfortunately, the experimental methods for identifying PPIs are both time-consuming and expensive. Therefore, it is important to develop computational approaches for predicting PPIs. In(More)
A pedestrian detection method by using kernel principle component analysis (KPCA) and Fisher linear discriminant (FLD) is presented in this paper. The basic idea of this method is to first utilize the KPCA algorithm to perform feature extraction, which obtains the nonlinear principle components in the high dimension feature space composed of haar wavelet(More)
In this paper, a robust and time-saving method for moving object detection in video sequences is proposed. Unlike methods based on complex background updating models which are computationally expensive, the proposed method can segment moving targets in real-time. It mainly includes three steps. In the first step, the background image is reconstructed by(More)
UNLABELLED Cell-surface receptors provide potential targets for the translation of bench-side findings into therapeutic strategies; however, this approach for the treatment of stroke is disappointing, at least partially due to an incomplete understanding of the targeted factors. Previous studies of oncostatin M (OSM), a member of the gp130 cytokine family,(More)