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Evolutionary multiobjective optimization in dynamic environments is a challenging task, as it requires the optimization algorithm converging to a time-variant Pareto optimal front. This paper proposes a dynamic multiobjective optimization algorithm which utilizes an inverse model set to guide the search toward promising decision regions. In order to reduce(More)
Vehicle Routing Problem (VRP) is a famous combinatorial optimization problem and it has been extended to a multi-objective optimization perspective. This paper targets solving VRP with stochastic demand (VRPSD) under the constraints of available time window and vehicle capacity. The objective of the problem is to simultaneously minimize total travelling(More)
Growing trend of the dynamic multiobjective optimization research in the evolutionary computation community has increased the need for challenging and conceptually simple benchmark test suite to assess the optimization performance of an algorithm. This paper proposes a new dynamic multiobjective benchmark test suite which contains a number of component(More)
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