Semra Hasançebi

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Bulk segregant analysis (BSA) was used to identify molecular markers associated with yellow rust disease resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.). DNAs isolated from the selected yellow rust tolerant and susceptible F 2 individuals derived from a cross between yellow rust resistant and susceptible wheat genotypes were used to established a " tolerant "(More)
We have previously reported Xgwm382 as a diagnostic marker for disease resistance against yellow rust in Izgi2001 × ES14 F2 population. Among the same earlier tested 230 primers, one SSR marker (Xgwm311) also amplified a fragment which is present in the resistant parent and in the resistant bulks, but absent in the susceptible parent and in the susceptible(More)
Over the last decade, comparative molecular profiling studies between compatible and incompatible plant-pathogen interactions have shown that susceptible response of the host to a pathogen requires factors that promote disease development. In this study, we examined proteome profiles during a compatible interaction between wheat and stripe rust. A 2D-LC(More)
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