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It is an important problem of an organization to select the most suitable personnel among the candidates for the vacant positions. Selecting the wrong candidate negatively affects the performance and competitive power of organization. The personnel selection is made mainly upon their performances thus far. There are many methods to measure the performances(More)
Selection of appropriate supplier(s) for success of an organization is particularly a valuable necessity, hence apart from the common criteria such as logistics, service and quality, this paper discusses most of the key decision variables which can play a critical role in case of the supplier selection. In this study, analytic network process (ANP) method(More)
In this study, the problem of giving priority to two or more quality chracteristics faced while applying Taguchi Method on multiresponse problems is studied. It was based upon Tong et al.(1997)’s approach on assignment of weights derived from individual experiences. Instead of prioritizing by personal judgments, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Analytic(More)
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