Semiramis Jamil Hadad do Monte

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BACKGROUND We compared skin biopsy samples from different anatomical regions for detecting Leishmania in dogs, using histological (HE), immunohistochemical (IHC) and polymerase chain reaction (PCR) techniques. RESULTS The sensitivity was 82.8 percent for PCR, 62.1 percent for IHC and 44.8 percent for HE. These methods do not appear to depend on the(More)
Analysis of HLA data involves queries on web portals, whose search parameters are data stored in laboratories' databases. In order to automate these queries, one approach is to structure laboratory data into a database and to develop bioinformatic tools to perform the data mapping. In this context, we developed the LabSystem Gen tool that allows users to(More)
BACKGROUND The compatibilities between donors and recipients are extremely important for evaluating the immunological risks of transplants. One challenge faced by data analysis tools is the transformation of complex data into simple, intuitive, and important information that can be used to resolve contemporary problems. To address this challenge, we(More)
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