Semiha Terlemez

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To evaluate the immunopathogenesis in Rasmussen's encephalitis, peripheral lymphocyte subsets and interleukin-6 analysis were performed in three patients. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy and diffusion-weighted magnetic resonance imaging were performed to assess neuronal injury in the affected hemisphere. Before initiation of immune therapy, percentage of(More)
BACKGROUND The rate of congenital heart disease is 0.8% in all live births. The majority of this, however, is acyanotic congenital heart disease. The survival rate of children with cardiac disease has increased with the developments provided in recent years and their lifetime is extended. OBJECTIVES This study aims to evaluate neurodevelopment of children(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide age-equivalent norms for a 500Hz logon evoked ABR obtained in a group of children ranging 40 weeks-4 years old and compare these 500Hz tonal norms to age-equivalent norms for click-evoked ABR. METHODS Seventy-seven infants and children ranging from conceptional age of 40 weeks (term babies) to 4 years were tested with both click and(More)
Electrophysiologic studies play a key role in the detection and characterization of the pattern in childhood polyneuropathies. In this study, the etiologic profile of 74 children with polyneuropathy was prospectively evaluated based on the electrophysiologic studies. Five electrodiagnostic patterns were identified in the cohort: (1) acute axonal(More)
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