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Formaldehyde (FA) is one of the most widely used chemical compounds in industrial field. It is described as toxic, particularly to the nervous system, the urogenital system, and the respiratory tracts. In this study, we determined the effects of acute oral exposure to FA in rabbit brain tissue. A total of 16 rabbits were selected and divided into 2 groups:(More)
BACKGROUND Caudal anesthesia is widely used as intraoperative and postoperative analgesia in children's subumbilical surgeries such as on the urogenital system, lower extremities and lower abdomen to reduce the stress response to surgery and to facilitate the general anesthesia. AIM The purpose of this study was to compare the effects of caudally(More)
CONTEXT Evaluation of inhalation anesthetics on sperm and reproductive hormones are extremely important. OBJECTIVE Investigation of the effects of sevoflurane used as an inhalation anesthetic on sperm morphology and reproductive hormones in rat testes. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty Wistar-Albino male rats were divided into five groups of eight rats each.(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to validate the Pain Catastrophizing Scale (PCS) in the Turkish population and to investigate its correlation with the demographic and clinical characteristics of patients. MATERIALS AND METHODS Volunteer patients, who were scheduled for elective surgery and who applied to the Outpatient Clinic of Anesthesiology for(More)
Objective: Lumbar spinal surgeries have been performed with either spinal or general anesthesia. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the superiority of either spinal or general anesthesia on one-level lumbar discectomies. Methods: After approval of Ethics Committee, we retrospectively analysed 328 patients those administered either spinal or general(More)
BACKGROUND The Quality of Recovery-40 questionnaire (QoR-40) is a self-rated questionnaire used to assess the postoperative recovery quality and health status of patients in the early stages following surgery; however, there is no Turkish version of the QoR-40. The aim of this study was to assess the reliability, validity, and responsiveness of the Turkish(More)
BACKGROUND Isoflurane is a volatile anaesthetic that has been commonly used since 1980. The major metabolites of isoflurane are fluoride ion and trifluoroacetate, both excreted in the urine. AIM This study manage to show the histopathological findings of ingested isoflurane on liver, kidney and lugs in an animal model. Twenty-one rabbits were selected and(More)
Difficult intubation has been the challenging part of the airway management for anesthesiologists and associated with substantial morbidity and mortality (1, 2). Currently, it is well practiced and documented that direct laryngoscopy has several limitations to cope with securing difficult airway during orotracheal intubation (3). Videolaryngoscopy, which(More)
Prediction of difficult laryngoscopy is still the uncovered secret of anesthetic practice. This pilot study is aimed to assess the efficacy of spirometry measurements in predicting difficult laryngoscopy compared with conventional airway assessment techniques. We enrolled 202 adults, ages 18–40 years, with an American Society of Anaesthesiologists score of(More)
OBJECTIVE Sleep is a vital function for human beings, which can be affected by several factors. Chronic pain is one of these factors where it is the most frequent cause for seeking medical care in combination with insomnia. The aim of this study is to examine the prevalence and relationship between sleep disturbance and chronic pain. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)