Semen A. Kurkin

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We investigate the effects of a linear resonator on the high-frequency dynamics of electrons in devices exhibiting negative differential conductance. We show that the resonator strongly affects both the dc and ac transport characteristics of the device, inducing quasiperiodic and high-frequency chaotic current oscillations. The theoretical findings are(More)
Summary form only given. The numerical study of the output power of electromagnetic radiation of the relativistic electron beam (REB) with virtual cathode (VC) in the presence of external transversal magnetic field has been found out with the help of 3D electromagnetic simulation. The model under study consists of the finite-length cylindrical waveguide(More)
The report is devoted to the results of the numerical study and optimization of the double-gap vircator with electromagnetic feedback in CST Particle Studio. The optimal geometrical parameters of this generator when it demonstrates the maximal efficiency were defined for the different working frequencies. The dependencies of the double-gap vircator(More)
Influence of electron temperature velocity initial distribution upon virtual cathode (VC) nonlinear dynamics and output characteristics of devices with a virtual cathode are analyzed by means of 2D numerical simulation. It was discovered that electron velocity distribution in the electron beam cause VC oscillations to break off.
We suggest the new approach of sub-THz and THz signals generation based on intense electron beams containing oscillating virtual cathode. In this work we discuss the results of numerical simulation and optimization of the novel device called “nanovircator” that have been carried out. The results of the numerical study show the possibility of(More)
This work presents the results of the study of nonlinear oscillations of a relativistic electron beam with a virtual cathode in the cylindrical drift space depending on external magnetic field values, current and initial energy of injected electrons of the relativistic beam. Special attention was given to the analysis of higher harmonics of fundamental(More)
3D electromagnetic simulation is used to study generator on a virtual cathode with feedback (FB). Implementation of FB through the input cavity in a double-stream mode provides premodulation of an electron beam that magnifies the overall performance of the device. The electromagnetic FB between input and output cavities provides changing of the intensity(More)
To clear up the effect of agents proposed as a mediator in the phototransduction process on the rod outer segment cytoplasmic membrane a technique based on the intracellular dialysis method was developed. It was shown that in the presence of nucleoside-triphosphates 3',5'-cGMP increased cytoplasmic membrane sodium conductance of dialyzed rod outer segment(More)
We report on the physical mechanisms of development, coexistence and interaction of Pierce-Bursian and diocotron instabilities in the non-neutral relativistic electron beam (REB) and their influence on generation characteristics in the classic vircator. The analytical and numerical analysis is provided by means of 3D electromagnetic simulation. We conducted(More)