Semaan Amine

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This paper deals with the singular configurations of symmetric 5-DOF parallel mechanisms performing three translational and two independent rotational DOFs. The screw theory approach is adopted in order to obtain the Jacobian matrices. The regularity of these matrices is examined using Grassmann-Cayley algebra and Grassmann geometry. More emphasis is placed(More)
The subject of this paper is about the conceptual design of parallel Schoenflies motion generators based on the wrench graph. By using screw theory and Grassmann geometry, some conditions on both the constraint and the actuation wrench systems are generated for the assembly of limbs of parallel Schoenflies motion generators, i.e., 3T1R parallel(More)
This paper deals with the singularity analysis of four degrees of freedom parallel manipulators with identical limb structures performing Schö nflies motions, namely, three independent translations and one rotation about an axis of fixed direction. The 666 Jacobian matrix of such manipulators contains two lines at infinity among its six Plü cker vectors.(More)
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