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Lawler M, Le Chevalier T, Murphy MJ, Banks I, Conte PF, De Lorenzo F, Meunier F, Pinedo HM, Selby P, Armand JP, Barbacid M, Barzach M, Bergh J, Bode G, Cameron D, de Braud F, de Gramont A, Diehl V, Diler S, Erdem S, Fitzpatrick JM, Geissler J, Gore Booth J, Hollywood D, Højgaard L, Horgan D, Jassem J, Johnson PW, Kapitein P, Kelly J, Kloezen S, La Vecchia(More)
It is hard to deny the notion that the Internet has been very efficient in distributing health information to millions of individuals and has become one of the best marketing tools in healthcare. We have been witnessing so many very creative and interactive practices in this field that we can safely assume that it is now the time for e-commerce in(More)
It has been stated that one of the major challenges for the international marketer is the design of an efficient strategy for marketing services to international markets. This paper reviews some of the issues associated with services marketing in global markets along with the basic variables of service industries. An exploratory assessment of the health(More)
Even a brief conceptual review of the current developments in the health care industry indicates that the future of independent medical practitioners is rather challenging. It may be necessary for these parties to pursue proactive and aggressive marketing strategies to be able to compete with the managed care organizations. Accordingly, this paper outlines(More)
In this implementation phase of the European Cancer Patient's Bill of Rights (BoR), we confirm the following three patient-centred principles that underpin this initiative:The right of every European citizen to receive the most accurate information and to be proactively involved in his/her care.The right of every European citizen to optimal and timely(More)
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