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Purpose – Despite a growing demand for enterprise search from practice, little is known about its implementation from an academic perspective. As the few available practice-oriented investigations show, enterprise search user satisfaction is rather low. The purpose of this paper is therefore to explore user-centric barriers of enterprise search(More)
The wide availability of game based technologies and sophisticated e-Learning possibilities creates new demands and challenges on Human– Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering (HCI&UE). Solid research in HCI must support improvement in learning ability and creativity for both teachers and students. According to recent market surveys the Wii remote(More)
Research information is widely available on the Web. Both as peer-reviewed research publications or as resources shared via (micro)blogging platforms or other Social Media. Usually the platforms supporting this information exchange have an API that allows access to the structured content. This opens a new way to search and explore research information. In(More)
We propose a framework to address an important issue in the context of the ongoing adoption of the "Web 2.0" in science and research, often referred to as "Science 2.0" or "Research 2.0". A growing number of people are linked via acquaintances and online social networks such as Twitter<sup>1</sup>allows indirect access to a huge amount of ideas. These ideas(More)
The increasing availability of game based technologies together with advances in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and usability engineering provides new challenges and opportunities to virtual environments in the context of e-Teaching. Consequently, an evident trend is to offer learners with the equivalent of practical learning experiences, whilst(More)
Enterprise search is a growing industry: A recent report from the EU states the total revenue of EU-headquartered search vendors between 100 and 200 million Euros. However, enterprise search seems to be widely ignored by the academic information systems (IS) community. Little is known about user-adoption aspects of enterprise search, as almost no academic(More)