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It is a well-known fact that (compact-support) dyadic wavelets [based on the two channel filter banks (FBs)] cannot be simultaneously orthogonal and symmetric. Although orthogonal wavelets have the energy preservation property, biorthogonal wavelets are preferred in image processing applications because of their symmetric property. In this paper, a novel(More)
A square difference 3-equitable labeling of a graph G with vertex set V is a bijection f from V to {1, 2,…. | V | } jg such that if each edge uv is assigned the label-1 if |[f (u)]2-[f (v)]2 | =-1(mod 4), the label 0 if |[f (u)]2-[f (v)]2 | = 0(mod 4) and the label 1 if |[f (u)]2-[f (v)]| = 1(mod 4), then the number of edges labeled with i and the number of(More)
For a time-limited sequence, the Root-Mean-Square (RMS) bandwidth is the normalized second moment of the spectrum. The RMS bandwidth is a useful and analytically tractable measure of the frequency localization of a discrete-time filter. In this work the design of orthogonal wavelet filter banks with a prescribed number of Vanishing Moment (VM) and having a(More)
Mass Spectrometry (MS) is a widely used technique in molecular biology for high throughput identification and sequencing of peptides (and proteins). Tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS) is a specialised mass spectrometry technique whereby the sequence of peptides can be determined. Preprocessing of the MS/MS data is indispensable before performing any(More)
A (p,q) graph G is said to admit centered triangular sum labeling if its vertices can be labeled by non negative integers such that the induced edge labels obtained by the sum of the labels of end vertices are the first q centered triangular numbers. A graph G which admits centered triangular sum labeling is called centered triangular sum graph. In this(More)