Selvamani Backianathan

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The present study is aimed at determination of accuracy of relocation of Gill-Thomas-Cosman frame during fractionated stereotactic radiotherapy. The study aims to quantitatively determine the magnitudes of error in anteroposterior, mediolateral and craniocaudal directions, and determine the margin between clinical target volume to planning target volume(More)
CONTEXT Nanotechnology is an empowering technology that holds promise in cancer therapeutics by increasing the ratio of tumor control probability to normal tissue complication probability. It can increase the bioavailability of the drug at the target site, reduce the frequency of administration and reach otherwise lesser-accessible sites. The present study(More)
We report the rare occurrence of an opticochiasmatic glioblastoma multiforme 6 years following conventional radiotherapy for Cushing's disease. This article highlights the risks of collateral damage to the optic apparatus when irradiating the sellar region.
Primary glioblastoma of spinal cord are rare and are associated with poor survival especially in adults. We report a case of glioblastoma of thoracic spinal cord (D3 to D6) in an adult treated with partial resection surgery and radiation therapy with a survival of six years with good quality of life. The patient had paraplegia at presentation but improved(More)
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