Selina Mårdh

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INTRODUCTION The present study explored the nature of the semantic deterioration normally displayed in the course of Alzheimer's disease (AD). The aim was to disentangle the extent to which semantic memory problems in patients with AD are best characterized as loss of semantic knowledge rather than difficulties in accessing semantic knowledge. METHOD A(More)
BACKGROUND The purpose of the present study was to gain insight into Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients' perception of the world through the study of a few aspects of awareness. The aspects in focus of the study were disease awareness, metacognition, managing of everyday life, and as a complement, the agreement (calibration) between patients and their(More)
(background, aim, method, result) max 200 words: Hazardous situations for older drivers and older drivers' accident involvement and visual behaviour in complex traffic situations have been studied in the reported research project. Three main methods have been used: 1) a thorough accident analysis of police reported accidents in Norway, 2) a literature study(More)
(background, aim, method, result) max 200 words: In today's vehicles, active safety systems are introduced addressing a large variety of safety issues such as providing optimal stability control, braking effect, preventing spin and rollover, as well as collision avoidance, to mention just a few. In this study a literature review was performed in order to(More)
Central coherence refers to the ability to interpret details of information into a whole. To date, the concept of central coherence is mainly used in research of autism, Asperger's syndrome and recently in the research on eating disorders. The main purpose of the present study was to examine central coherence in patients with Alzheimer's disease. Nine(More)
According to the literature, landscape (panoramas, heritage objects e.g. landmarks) affects people in various ways. Data are primarily developed by asking people (interviews, photo sessions, focus groups) about their preferences, but to a lesser degree by measuring how the body reacts to such objects. Personal experience while driving a car through a(More)
(background, aim, method, result) max 200 words: Active safety systems are becoming increasingly common in today's vehicles. Electronic Stability Control (ESC) systems were introduced during the end of the 1990s, and accident statistics show that they have had a huge impact on traffic safety. The objective of this study was to suggest a (prototype) test(More)