Selin Cerav-Erbas

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Sesame is a software framework which aims at developing a modeling and simulation environment for the efficient design space exploration of heterogeneous embedded systems. Since Sesame recognizes separate application and architecture models within a single system simulation, it needs an explicit mapping step to relate these models for co-simulation. The(More)
We present the TOTEM open source Traffic Engineering (TE) toolbox and a set of TE methods that we have designed and/or integrated. These methods cover intra-domain and inter-domain TE, IP-based and MPLS-based TE. They are suitable for network optimisation, better routing of traffic for providing QoS, load balancing, protection and restoration in case of(More)
Splitting a large software system into smaller and more manageable units has become an important problem for many organizations. The basic structure of a software system is given by a directed graph with vertices representing the programs of the system and arcs representing calls from one program to another. Generating a good partitioning into smaller(More)
Link weight optimization is shown to be a key issue in engineering of IGPs using shortest path first routing. The IGP weight optimization problem seeks a weight array resulting an optimal load distribution in the network based on the topology information and a traffic demand matrix. Several solution methods for various kinds of this problem have been(More)
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