Selena S. Layden

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The synthesis of the hormone relaxin from the species Gorilla gorilla (gorilla) and Macaca mulatta (rhesus monkey) has been achieved. Each of the two chains which constitute the peptide structures was assembled separately, the A-chains (24 amino acids) by the Boc-polystyrene solid-phase procedure and the B-chains (29 and 28 amino acids) by the(More)
Relaxin is a two-chain 6-kDa peptide hormone. It is a member of the insulin family of peptides and is produced mainly during pregnancy to prepare the reproductive tract for birth. In the pig, relaxin is produced mainly by ovarian luteal cells. It is processed via the regulated pathway from a larger (18 kDa) precursor, prorelaxin. Protocols have been(More)
Relaxin is a member of the insulin family of proteins. It is produced principally in ovarian cells by processing of its larger precursor, prorelaxin. The enzymes responsible for conversion of prorelaxin to the mature hormone have not yet been elucidated. A rapid and convenient test has been developed to detect prorelaxin-processing enzymes in porcine ovary(More)
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