Selen Cremaschi

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Amine is one of candidate solvents that can be used for CO 2 recovery from the flue gas by conventional chemical absorption/desorption process. In this work, we analyzed the impact of different amine absorbents and their concentrations, the absorber and stripper column heights and the operating conditions on the cost of CO 2 recovery plant for(More)
A new network representation to study the impact of capital and research & development (R&D) investment decisions on the evolution of biomass to commodity chemicals technologies is presented. The corresponding mathematical programming formulation is developed. The model is solved for a simplified ethylene production scenario to demonstrate its ability to(More)
This work focuses on designing the optimum raceway pond by considering the effects of sunlight availability, temperature fluctuations, and harvest time on algae growth, and introduces a dynamic programing model to do so. Culture properties such as biomass productivity, growth rate, and concentration, and physical properties, such as average velocity, pond(More)
Artificial lift methods (ALMs) are used in horizontal shale-gas-producing wells in order to lift the accumulated fluids in the well and to help sustain well performance. This paper presents deterministic and stochastic mathematical programming models to solve the artificial lift infrastructure planning problem. The decisions are which ALMs to deploy and(More)
The growth in computation complexity of multistage stochastic programs (MSSPs) with problem size often prevents its application to real-world size problems. In this work, we present a branch and bound algorithm capable of reducing the resource requirements for the generation and solution of large-scale MSSPs. Using the algorithm to solve four instances of(More)