Selda Gunsel

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This paper is the second in a series that examines grease lubrication mechanisms and failure in rolling element bearings. The aim of the work was to understand the grease condition changes during use and the relationship to lubrication performance and failure. R0F bearing tests were carried out with two lithium hydroxystearate greases and the effects of the(More)
In this paper, a new kind of oil-soluble ultrathin MoS2 nanosheets is prepared through a one-pot process. A superior extreme pressure property, which has not been attained with other nano-additives, is discovered when the nanosheets are used as lubricant additives. The as-synthesized MoS2 nanosheet is only a few atomic layers thick and tens of nanometers(More)
The behaviors of two lithium lubricating greases were investigated under EHL circular contact through measurements of traction coefficients on a self-made rig in which the contact was continuously fed with fresh grease. The average values of Erying shear stress and shear modulus of the two lithium greases were obtained from traction experimental data using(More)
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