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Finding good representational images for 3D object exploration is a highly subjective problem in the cognitive field. The “best” or “good” definitions do not depend on any metric. We have explained the VKL distance concept and introduced a novel view descriptor called vSKL distance for finding “good” representational images. The image generation is done by(More)
Web search query logs contain valuable information which can be utilized for personalization and improvement of search engine performance. The aim in this paper is to cluster users based on their interests, and analyze the temporal dynamics of these clusters. In the proposed approach, we first apply clustering techniques to group similar users with respect(More)
Real-Time visualization of interactive simulation environments using large datasets of height fields became feasible using current off the shelf graphics hardware. Our approach provides continuous level of detail rendering of high detailed, planet sized terrains using restricted quad-trees without re-sampling data points. The presented method preserves the(More)
This paper presents a method for physical simulation of deformable closed surfaces over a network, which is suitable for realistic interactions between users and objects in a collaborative virtual environment (CVE). CVE's are being extensively used for training, design and gaming for several years. To demonstrate a deformable object in a CVE, we employ a(More)
Proteins are large molecules that are vital for all living organisms and they are essential components of many industrial products. The process of binding a protein to another is called protein-protein docking. Many automated algorithms have been proposed to find docking configurations that might yield promising protein-protein complexes. However, these(More)
We propose a new method based on the use of fractional differentiation for improving the efficiency and realism of simulations based on Smoothed Particle Hydrodynam-ics (SPH). SPH represents a popular particle-based approach for fluid simulation and a high number of particles is typically needed for achieving high quality results. However , as the number of(More)
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