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Assessing the assumption of multivariate normality is required by many parametric multi-variate statistical methods, such as MANOVA, linear discriminant analysis, principal component analysis, canonical correlation, etc. It is important to assess multivariate normality in order to proceed with such statistical methods. There are many analytical methods(More)
In conjunction with the advance in computer technology, virtual screening of small molecules has been started to use in drug discovery. Since there are thousands of compounds in early-phase of drug discovery, a fast classification method, which can distinguish between active and inactive molecules, can be used for screening large compound collections. In(More)
Virtual screening is an important step in early-phase of drug discovery process. Since there are thousands of compounds, this step should be both fast and effective in order to distinguish drug-like and nondrug-like molecules. Statistical machine learning methods are widely used in drug discovery studies for classification purpose. Here, we aim to develop a(More)
— A reliable and accurate tumor classification is crucial for successful diagnosis and treatment of cancer diseases. With the recent advances in molecular genetics, it is possible to measure the expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously. Thus, it is feasible to have a complete understanding the molecular markers among tumors and make a more(More)
Relevance vector machines are kernel-based tools being explored for classification and regression problems in last few years. They use a probabilistic Bayesian learning framework for classification and has a number of advantages over the popular and state-of-the art tool support vector machines. During the last decade, ensemble methods have been proposed to(More)
Tensegrity structures are spatial, reticulate and lightweight systems composed of struts and cables. Stability is provided by the self-stress state between tensioned and compressed elements. Tensegrities have received interest among scientists and engineers in fields such as architecture, civil and aerospace engineering. Flexibility and ease of tuning make(More)